Festival Year Best Documentary Feature

Some Women-POSTER-1
Year 2024

Some Women

by Quen Wong

Award winner


Invisible Nation-2
Year 2024

Invisible Nation

by Vanessa Hope
The Hill-POSTER-1
Year 2024

The Hill

by Denis Gheerbrant, Lina Tsrimova
Philosopher of the Sea-POSTER-01
Year 2024

Philosopher of the Sea

by Andreas Oscar Eidhagen
Elias Is A Panther-POSTER-1
Year 2023

Elias Is A Panther

by Anita Aamodt Enersen, Nic Osborne

Award winner

Ladies Only-POSTER-1
Year 2023

Ladies Only

by Rebana Liz John
The Hermit of Treig-POSTER-1
Year 2023

The Hermit of Treig

by Lizzie MackEnzie
A Will To Dream-POSTER-01

A Will To Dream

by Patrick Alcedo
Coming Soon Last Days-POSTER-1

Coming Soon Last Days

by Miguel Eek

Award winner



by Paul De Roo
The Silence of the Mole-POSTER-01

The silence of the Mole

by Anais Taracena
The Truck-POSTER-1

The Truck

by Viacheslav Merzlikin
Alexandre the Fool - Alexander Odyssey-POSTER-01

Alexandre the Fool / Alexander Odyssey

by Pedro Pires


by Alejandro Salgado
Land of Fairies (Ferenc_s Path)-POSTER-01

Land of Fairies (Ferenc's Path)

by Nagy Viktor Oszkár
The choice-POSTER-1

The Choice

by GU Xue

Award winner