Some Women

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Film Year: 2021

Film Duration: 71 min

Country: Singapore


Quen Wong

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A raw, intimate and confessional autobiography, ‘Some Women’ is a landmark film about Singapore’s transgender community directed by the country’s first trans woman director of a feature documentary, Quen Wong. At 46 years of age and on the cusp of marriage, Quen comes out of ‘stealth’ to begin a retrospective examination of her journey as a trans woman in conservative Singapore. Connecting with two other generations of trans women, she uncovers the buried queer history of Bugis Street, a red-light district and trans enclave world-renowned during its heyday, and the political consciousness of a frustrated Gen Z. To be seen, to be believed and to be loved; in a society where queer and trans communities face stigma for expressing their authentic identities, Quen’s film shows how gender identities that don’t conform with so-called norms have always existed but remain erased. ‘Some Women’ is an impassioned love letter to her home country. More than that, by turning the camera on her hidden self, Quen lays claim to a lost sense of agency.