Ladies Only

Film Info

Film Year: 2021

Film Duration: 80 min

Country: India


Rebana Liz John

Film Category

“What makes you angry?” asks the filmmaker. A small film crew enters the ladies compartments of the local trains in Mumbai. Chance encounters and acquaintances are invited to reveal their opinions, their confessions and their stories in a ‘public’ space. Their diverse answers thread themselves into an unfolding tapestry of details and observations. The light on the faces, the figures in the background, the driving noises of the train and the interaction of the travelers bring the space alive. Black and white images distill the essence of the space but keep us focused on the essentials: the women’s narrative. A poetic rhythm takes us across Mumbai and it’s mix of cultures, languages and faces, providing insight into how urban Indian women see and shape their lives. A feminist lens, explores what ambitions and freedoms mean for women in a hyper-industrial, wealth-driven and complex world.