Goin’ Rectal

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 70 min

Country: Netherlands

Language: Dutch


Dennis Alink

Film Category

The Rectum Raiders consists of twenty-seven year old extravagant rockers with an exuberant live show filled with cucumbers, leggings, leather, man-on-man action and a horse. It’s a group of friends that are together since they were fourteen and have embraced their identity as outsiders and channeled this into a rock band. They are on an important moment in their lives; adult live with serious jobs comes into play and causes friction. Do you keep on believing in your boyhood dream? Or do you defer into adult life? And what is that dream exactly? Goin’ Rectal follows a group of millennials that no matter what are in search for success. In their search they ask themselves the question; when are you successful anyway? What is it worth?