The Inspection

Nominated for:Best Drama Feature

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 88 min

Country: Poland

Language: Polish


Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz

Film Category

“The Inspection” is a based on facts docudrama – a dramatic picture of last few months in a captive camp for Polish officers before Katyń massacre. Vasilij Zarubin, a Soviet secret service officer after failed mission in Germany was meant to be executed but the under threat of the WWII, Stalin gives him a chance of compensation: his new mission is to enlist Polish officers from Kozielsk, Starobielsk and Ostashkov stocades to the Soviet Army. Zarubin’s methods are cynical. Abusing his position in a treacherous way and acting like a friend, he tries to antagonize officers, extract crucial information and incline them to cooperate with the soviet communists. The success of his mission depends on the attitude of Polish officers towards Zarubin’s manipulations. Polish soldiers face a very difficult choice: to submit and betray or to survive. Life and freedom are at stake. In this dramatic situation they have the important reference – their faith. The atmosphere of the movie allows the viewers to understand the horrific situation of Polish officers kept in captivity. The screenplay is based on true, evidenced story. “Inspection” has been recently awarded Grand Prix at the Festival “Two Theatre” in Sopot as the best Polish TV spectacle.