That Disappearance

Award Winner

Nominated for:Best Foreign Feature

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 105 min

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese


Hiro Kano

Film Category

That which he lost – was it that which had already past, or that which was to come? Japanese newcomer director and screenwriter, Hiro Kano, who has been assistant director to a number of movie directors, in addition to director Katsuhito Ishii and others. Making his debut in the style of a full-length independent movie, based on a plot which had been thought up more than ten years prior. Our protagonist, talented detective Matsui is investigating a serial stalker. We then have the third female victim of his, a mysterious man who looms around them, and yet another woman who seems to be connected to all of this.This is all permeated by the daily memory loss that Matsui himself is battling with. When the thread of the case connects Matsui with deep scars of his heart left in the past, tragedy ensues.