Nominated for:Best Drama Short

Film Info

Film Year: 2021

Film Duration: 11 min

Country: Netherlands

Language: Dutch


Nils Verkooijen

Film Category

The year is 1672 and the Dutch Republic is being attacked by an immense force of 120.000 french soldiers commanded by Louis 14th. To save the Republic and it’s citizens, a big chunk of land, more than a 100km’s, is being flooded with water to make sure the French army can not reach the Republic’s heartland of Holland. Any farmers living in the area are instructed to leave everything behind and let their land be flooded. In Flood we follow Sijmen, eldest son of farmer Karel, who discovers the danger his family is in is closer than expected. As he starts to prepare his family to leave the farm, the silent battle between Sijmen and his father grows intenser fast. Like many of his fellow farmers, Karel is not yet ready to give away and leave his land.