Culture Talk on the Radio

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 27 min

Country: Germany

Language: English



Film Category

“Culture Talk on the Radio” is a hybrid, narrative and documentary, a road movie and also an art film and for the most part affectively a silent movie with some music. Then we only hear the conversation between the art critic Christoph Tannert and the well-known artist René Schoemakers coming from the speakers of a car radio. As for the road movie it is about a lonely truck driver who works for a company that specializes in the delivery of fruit and art. When the truck driver picks up a hitchhiker this interrupts his daily routine. For almost the whole time they listen to a radio program that just happens to be broadcast. Tannert is the presenter of the culture and arts program. The conversation is real and has not been scripted. Some of the things referred to during this conversation are taken up in the fictive part of the film. The film sequences become a silent movie once the radio has been turned on, allowing the content of the conversation about art to creep into the narrative and eventually gain equal footing with the power of the moving pictures.