Nominated for:Best Foreign Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 95 min

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese


Takehiro Shindo

Film Category

A man who has lost his virility as a result of a traffic accident. 「JIN」、A man who can’t have sex with a woman, and therefore can’t have children. In frustration, he quietly leaves his fiancee and flees to Tokyo. He ends up in a “Soine” ( literally, “sleeping together.”)company. It is here where clients, men and women from their teens all the way up to their seventies, come together. It is a place where they come in search of peace. All are insomniacs, troubled by their lonliness. People who cannot sleep. A 30-year-old virgin woman, A 36-year-old woman secretly in love with her significantly younger co-worker, A college girl entangled in the web of host clubs at the age of 19, A homosexual man in his 50’s whose longtime lover has passed away, An elderly woman in her 80’s, who wants someone to remain at her side during a “passing,” Adults, who on the outside seem to be living a happy life, unable to send out a call for help for the heart. And she, meeting a man who is also burdened by his own feelings of isolation and desperation; the only one who can save her. This was made based on a true story. Through meticulous interviews, A unique film in which most of the scenes and all of the characters are filmed in bed! Without his sexuality, will it be impossible for him to form a relationship, to love and to be loved, to cuddle, for the rest of his life? Are the two people in the last scene living for tomorrow? Or is it a ghost? Don’t think. feel!