Budapest Independent Film Festival 2024

9&10 February at Kino Cafe Mozi

After last year’s sold-out success, the Budapest Independent Film Festival is returning to the beloved Kino Cafe Mozi on 9-10 February 2024 for one more unique cinematic experience. This year’s edition features short and feature-length independent films by Hungarian and international filmmakers

With a diverse screening programme of 15 narrative and documentary films, the Budapest Independent Film Festival 2024 brings gems of independent cinema bound to spark conversations and raise questions. 

This year’s edition starts with Zuzana Piussi’s ‘The Unbalanced’ (Zošalieť), a film that addresses the challenges of a single mother and comments on other social issues with a dash of humour. After a variety of political documentaries, the Slovakian director turned to fiction producing a social tragicomedy still maintaining its documentarist style. 

The second screening, “Hungarian Shorts” consists of six independent short films by upcoming and established Hungarian filmmakers who navigate the independent film industry. Among others, this programme includes Ewa Wikiel’s ‘Paradise’, Demeter Lóránt’s ‘Sileo’, and Dub Hard Or The Sad And True Story Of The Robbery Of The Pannonia Dubbing Studio by Zsolt Dér. 

Opening with the awarded feature documentary ‘Some Women’ by Quen Wong, the second day of the Budapest Independent Film Festival 2024 is dedicated to international filmmakers of independent cinema. This autobiographical documentary film by and about Wong, a trans-gender Singaporean woman had its premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award. Through the stories of three generations, the awarded documentary focuses on Singapore’s untold transgender history.  

With 7 short films of various genres, the ‘International Shorts’ programme spotlights talents from all around the world. From Canada and the United States to Greece, Switzerland and Belgium, this screening slot’s programme showcases different styles, cultures and perspectives. 

Elias Suhail’s multi-awarded ‘Beneath A Mother’s Feet’, Eugénie Bouquet’s critically acclaimed ‘Not in Love’ and the multi-awarded ‘The Stranger’ by Tin Pak Lau are some of the films that comprise BIFF2024’s last screening slot. 

Hosted in our beloved art cinema Kino Cafe Mozi, the Budapest Independent Film Festival 2024 aims to serve once again as a meeting point for a mixed audience as well as filmmakers and industry experts. 


DAY 1 

Screening Slot 1 |  Feature Film: 18.30-20.00

The Unbalanced, Zuzana Piussi, Slovakia  ▪ 79’ ▪ 2022

***Break: 20:00-20:15 

Screening Slot 2 | Hungarian Shorts: 20.15-21.30

Paradise, Ewa Aleksandra Wikieł, Hungary ▪ 15’ ▪ 2023

► Sileo, Demeter Lóránt, Hungary ▪ 8’ ▪ 2023

Dub Hard Or The Sad And True Story Of The Robbery Of The Pannonia Dubbing Studio, Zsolt Dér, Hungary ▪ 24’ ▪ 2022 

Jack Holler: Useless, Ruben Szuhánszki, Hungary ▪ 4’ ▪ 2023

Online, Ruben Szuhánszki, Hungary ▪ 23’ ▪ 2023 

DisConnected, Bence Finok, Hungary ▪ 29’ ▪ 2022 


DAY 2  

Screening Slot 1 |  Feature Documentary: 18.30-20.00

►Some Women, Quen Wong, Singapore ▪ 70’ ▪ 2021

***Break: 20:00-20:15 

Screening Slot 2 | International Shorts: 20.15-21.35

►Beneath A Mother’s Feet, Elias Suhail, United Kingdom ▪ 16’  ▪ 2023

►Interviewing Guillaume Bogaert, Fabrice Chan, Belgium, 24’ ▪ 2022

►Drew Ashby – Her, Chris Scholar, United States, 4’  ▪ 2021

Womb, Themos Skandamis, Greece ▪ 8’ ▪ 2023

The Stranger, Tin Pak Lau, Canada ▪ 18’  ▪ 2023

Not In Love, Eugénie Bouquet, Switzerland ▪ 4’  ▪ 2022

Forbidden Songs Of The Earth, Chantal Junck, Mexico ▪ 14’  ▪ 2023


Kino Cafe Mozi Great Hall

 Szent István krt. 16, 1137, Budapest Hungary

Tel: +36 1 224 5650

Starting time: 18.30

Ticket Price: 1,950 (HUF)

All films have Hungarian or English subtitles




Communications and Press Office: Aliki Seferou, [email protected], +30 694 716 2391